There is no need for you to remember our telephone number. You simply press a button on your cell phone and we call you! This benefit is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.


  1. Simply phone the call centre on 0861-10-12-14 to register yourself and any 3 direct family
  2. An activation sms will be sent to your cellphone. Save this as a speed
  3. Should you, or any of your registered family members, be involved in a vehicle collision, vehicle breakdown, and/or medical emergency or need any other assistance, simply press the assigned button for 2 seconds and the contact centre will call you to provide the service or assistance you  *



The mobile phone needs to have air time loaded. If you do not have internet access and wish to register or require assistance to register, please call us on 0861-10-12-14.


*The signal is cellphone network dependent.


Unlike similar products on the market, Eezi Assist offers the above service to          you and 3 direct family members at no additional cost.