This is an emergency assist policy, and does not cover existing repairs, replacements of appliances, geysers, motors etc. If damage is covered under    an insurance policy or any other policy, this product will not be applicable.

In the event of a home maintenance emergency as a result of breakage to fixtures and fittings (e.g. leaking pipes), we will arrange for an appropriate repairer to address the problem at one nominated address.

The maintenance assistance programme shall include the following maintenance assistance services to customers:


  • Leaking taps, pipes and toilets
  • Blocked drains and toilets
  • Taps not working (not replacing)
  • Geyser – Element, thermostat, valves and vacuum breaker (Sectional Title Units Excluded)


  • Emergency ad-hoc electrical work required only


  • In an emergency only if repair influences safety and living quality


  • In an emergency in case of broken keys or lost keys to gain access to the property

All of the above are limited to R2 000 per incident.

Glaziers, Electric Fence Repair and Pest Control Limited to R500 per incident.

All of the above items in the maintenance assistance programme shall be subject to an overall limit of R5 000 per unit per annum.

Any insurance related event will not be covered by Lets Assist. The client will      be liable for the costs, and it is claimed back from the insurance company.